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Participant Sign Up Form -CADDRA

Participant Sign Up Form
MHS is inviting individuals age 18+ diagnosed with one or more of the following disorders to participate in a research study assessing symptoms of ADHD in adults.

•    ADHD 
•    Depressive Disorder:
        o    Major Depressive Disorder 
        o    Major Depressive Episode
        o    Persistent Depressive Disorder
•    Anxiety Related Disorder
        o    Generalized Anxiety Disorder
        o    Specific Phobia
        o    Social Anxiety
        o    Panic Disorder
        o    Agoraphobia
        o    Separation Anxiety    
•    Substance Use Disorders

What does it involve? 
Participants rate their own behaviors by completing an online questionnaire which can take up to 45 minutes. 

How will I be compensated? 
Eligible participants will receive $50 upon completion of the questionnaire. 

Getting Started: Please provide your contact information below and a Data Collection Coordinator at MHS will follow up with you shortly to provide more details and determine if you meet the eligibility criteria for the study. 

If you have any questions at this time, please feel free to send an email to [email protected], or call Toll-Free: 1-(800)-268-6011 ext. 374.

Please note: this opportunity is limited to individuals residing in the United States and Canada.

This question requires a valid email address.
5. Permission to leave a detailed message: *This question is required.
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7. Gender:
By providing my name and contact information, I consent to having someone from MHS contact me regarding the opportunity to participate in this study.

For further information regarding questions, concerns, complaints, about the research or your rights as a research study subject, please contact WIRB to speak to an informed individual who is independent of the research team at (800) 562-4789.